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Who we are

Mehackit is a social business providing high-quality creative technology training, learning content and pedagogics. We give positive experiences in making technology projects - motivation, enthusiasm and fun are the core of learning at Mehackit. After founding in 2014, we have trained over 1000 teachers and reached over 4000 students worldwide.

Our mission is to make technology skills more equal by developing educational solutions and material. We want young people and teachers to experience creative control over technology, and share the awakened curiosity and eagerness with their friends, students or colleagues.

Affordable, reliable and context-sensitive digital education can promote equal opportunities for girls and boys and reduce inequalities by ensuring every child has access to high quality content.
— Goal 4: Quality education (SDGs)


Our team consists of enthusiastic creative technology and education professionals, media artists and pedagogs. The founders Henrietta Kekäläinen and Otso Sorvettula form the board. You can contact us via We're happy to help you!

Mehackit is universally known as a stellar place to work. Give us a shout:

Heini Karppinen   CEO & The Mom

Heini Karppinen

CEO & The Mom

Sanna Reponen   CTO & Gadgetry

Sanna Reponen

CTO & Gadgetry

Mikko Eloholma   CPO & Empathy

Mikko Eloholma

CPO & Empathy

Antti Suomalainen   CAO & Noisemaker

Antti Suomalainen

CAO & Noisemaker

Miska Kulmala   Impact & Growth Hacker

Miska Kulmala

Impact & Growth Hacker

+ 70 lovely, inspiring, brave and friendly instructors who have facilitated our courses and workshops internationally and given us valuable feedback!

+ 70 lovely, inspiring, brave and friendly instructors who have facilitated our courses and workshops internationally and given us valuable feedback!

Heini Karppinen

Heini is the CEO of Mehackit. Heini has years' of experience in future oriented consumer insight research, analytics, service design, consultation and workshops at 15/30 Research and Experian. She has studied education, psychology and leadership, and learning has always been a special interest for her. She enjoys helping others by building networks and connecting people to take ideas forward. She is the co-founder of The Evening School, a professional network for Finnish Education export specialists with 800 members from the ministry and learning institutions to start-ups and individual professionals. She is also a co-founder of EdTech Finland Association for Finnish businesses in education technology field.

Sanna Reponen

Sanna, CTO at Mehackit, is specialized in technology education. She makes use of e.g. electronics, robotics and toy hacking in her projects and has experience in working with audiences of various backgrounds, from toddlers to the elderly. Prior to Mehackit, Sanna has worked as a learning product developer at Heureka, the Finnish Science Centre. Sanna is into creative technology projects that provide a new angle to the everyday environment, and she’s passionate about maker culture and music. Sanna has a Master’s Degrees in musicology and New Media Design and Production.

Mikko Eloholma

Mikko, CPO at Mehackit, knows the theory and practice of pedagogy through his studies (M.Ed.) and work as a supply teacher, creative technology facilitator and a program manager of summer camps for children. At Mehackit, Mikko focuses on developing the Art Programming track and the pedagogical use of Mehackit Atelier, Mehackit’s online learning service. His work has also included organizing the Mehackit’s hardware sales and reaching to the instructor network when good old live-teaching is needed. Mikko’s latest maker-project is to record live video stream from a birdhouse next to Mehackit’s office!

Antti Suomalainen

Antti Suomalainen is a music technologist, composer and a sound maker. At Mehackit Antti is responsible for developing the Music programming track as well as the technical development of the website and the learning platform. Before Mehackit Antti has taught music technology to primary school children through instrument building and programming, held music technology workshops for educators and worked as a professional pianist. He has studied music informatics at the University of Sussex and music technology and composition at the Sibelius Academy. Antti composes choral music, vocal and instrumental music as well as electronic music. In addition to composition his artistic practice involves live-coding, sound installations and instrument building.

Miska Kulmala

Miska is Impact and Growth Hacker at Mehackit and Information Networks student at Aalto University. In his studies Miska has specialized in systems sciences, marketing, and communications, in addition to various technical studies. In Mehackit, Miska is in charge of communications and digital marketing. Before Miska has been working in different projects, such as Junction 2017, as a team leader and social media expert. Miska has also been Communication and Digital Media course assistant at Aalto University. In his freetime Miska likes to read, cook and exercise.


Your support matters


Mehackit Atelier and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) education programs are a perfect match! We provide an easy and cost-efficient solution to democratise technology skills around the world. Offer our creative technology learning resources for educators and schools of your choice, and you will help us educate future makers!

Support the open source development of Sonic Pi and its creator, our hero Sam Aaron! Let’s keep Sonic Pi free for makers and learners.