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Mehackit supports educators and students 12 to 18 years of age. Most of all we contribute towards educators and learners discovering the joys and excitement of creative technology. 

We welcome all educators from teachers to after school code-club facilitators to explore creative technology throug Maker culture, Cross-curricular approaches and project based learning and claim their badges as proof of new world-class educator skills!

"I used this with my 12 years olds and later with my after school elderly group and both where successes!"
Jukka, Poroprogrammer, Poronloikka


Training the Best Educators

Join our Online Creative Technology Training Program and boost your confidence and creativity! Modular course structure allows you to choose one of 3 different creative technology approaches to programing: Electronic Music, Electronics and Tinkering or Visual arts. You can study the basic program in your own pace or with a group. Training includes practical hands-on exercises, materials and support both for your own learning (one week) and working with your students (up to 20 hours).


Access to Mehackit Online Classrooms

Mehackit provides online course spaces (virtual classrooms) and materials for educators for their own teaching and training. Educator training program includes the first free Online Course Space in our Open edX online learning environment (LMS) with top quality support materials including teachers notes and all the needed course materials. 


Study self-paced Online Courses

Not a teacher? Don't worry we have a cure for your curiosity! Our Top quality contemporary Creative Technology Online courses will help you to study and learn only the skills you want, the way you want and when you want.  

"I took the course and an amazing thing happened... [teknisesti quotemerkintä]



Mehackit offers creative partnership and development roles and projects for individuals, companies and institutions. Mehackit supports open source development and co-creative production and development models to realize our mission to democratize access to technology and empowering people regarding access and utilization of creative technology. 


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