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Mehackit Atelier

virtual classrooms for your students

Our learning service contains 3 creative tracks to choose from and all the functionalities for running courses in your classroom. We promise minimal preparation time!

Choose the content:

  • 3 tracks: Music Programming, Electronics & Programming, Visual Arts Programming

  • Learn the tools with basic modules

  • Adjust to your curricular needs with project modules

In practice:

  • Aimed at students 12 to 19 years

  • Video-based student materials and educator instructions

  • Suitable for schools and after school activities

  • Work in your own virtual classroom: bring in the students and follow their progress

  • Receive badges and certification for completing modules

Students enjoy when they can be self-directed. On this course we reached many of the objectives we’re after in the national curriculum, but which are rarely accomplished...
— Tiina Laine, teacher, Tikkurila High School, Finland
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I haven’t learned so much in two hours for a long, long time!
— Teacher, High School, Helsinki, Finland

Co-Creative Partnerships

priced according to agreement

We offer creative partnerships, development roles and projects for individuals, companies and institutions through Mehackit Atelier. Some of our success stories are featured at Cases. The goal for all our partnerships is an impact on as diverse audiences as possible.

Contact Heini to discuss more.

The first steps of learning programming can be taken together with friends, and they can be a lot of fun. The first experience should be rewarding and should ensure the student feels positive about learning. Mehackit has showed us that music, as a fairly universal language, is a great medium for this.
— Irena Bakić, Project Lead for CodeBus Africa

Mehackit Maker Kit

Electronics Track ♥ Maker Kit! 

We needed the most fun, affordable and accessible components to support our Electronics and Programming track - so we created the Mehackit Maker Kit! Contact us and check the availability for your location!

Price: 102€ + VAT / kit
Components list: follow the link below!

When we decided on the learning materials, we weren’t sure the Arduino-based Maker Kits could get people excited. It was amazing how thrilled the students were and how well the materials worked! The whole class focused intensively on the course, which was a surprise.
— Teija Peura, technology education project manager, City of Vantaa, Finland