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Mehackit Atelier

professional development:
“Let Me Hack It” online training

Is programming creative? Can I code art? What's Maker Culture? Why is hacking a skill for the future? But isn’t it illegal?

  • Particularly well suited for all teachers of students 11 to 19 years of age.

  • Builds professional self confidence, creativity and motivation to teach technology in a new empowering way and skills to take advantage of open technologies and materials.

  • Complements teachers’ readiness to teach Mehackit Atelier tracks in classroom!

  • Do your favourite track: Music, Fine Art or Electronics - or choose them all!

  • Use the training exercises in your own teaching.

3 Student tracks:
Music, Electronics, Visual Arts & Programming

Mehackit Atelier contains 3 creative programming tracks to choose from. Our high quality learning materials, video tutorials and assignments will help teachers to support every student learn programming by making technology projects in the classroom. We promise minimal preparation time!

Track structure: Basics Module + Project Modules

  • Basics Module (4-6 h): Make your first small projects and learn the tools in each unique creative track.

  • Project Modules (á 2-4 h): Make more advanced projects, express yourself and solve problems meaningful to you.

I haven’t learned so much in two hours for a long, long time!
— Teacher, High School, Helsinki, Finland

Co-Creative Partnerships

We are creative and curious!

We offer creative partnerships, development roles and projects for individuals, companies and institutions through Mehackit Atelier. Some of our success stories are featured at Cases. The goal for all our partnerships is an impact on as diverse audiences as possible.

Contact Heini to discuss more.

The first steps of learning programming can be taken together with friends, and they can be a lot of fun. The first experience should be rewarding and should ensure the student feels positive about learning. Mehackit has showed us that music, as a fairly universal language, is a great medium for this.
— Irena Bakić, Project Lead for CodeBus Africa