9:00 AM09:00

Dare Educator Program Kick-off Day (by Mehackit)

Morso (16 pax)
Krampus (16 pax)
Mordor (50 pax)
Little Mordor (25 pax)
(Total 107 pax)


Preliminary schedule:
8.30-9 coffee
9-9.30 kick off
Dare to Learn: Welcome 10 min
A Grid: What is A Grid? 5 min
Mehackit: Why Creative Technology 15 min
9.30-11.30 Module I: Sonic Pi? 
pre-made groups, mixed backgrounds
11.30-12.30 Lunch
In the lobby, catering by local cafeteria (?)
12.30-14.30 Module II: Toy hacking?
14.30-15 coffee

moderated discussions with educators with similar backgrounds, "what is the role of creative technologies in my subject / context?"

15-16.30 Module III: Upcycling?
16.30-17 Final concert & Certifications for participants

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