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Music Programming Basics

About This Course

Are you ready to make your own music by programming? In Music Programming Basics you will learn the essential skills to make your own songs with beats and melodies with a program called Sonic Pi. It is the perfect place to get started with creative technology. Music Programming Basics is intended for students (ages 10+) and their teachers as an introduction to learn the basics of programming and making music in a fun and engaging way! This module is absolutely beginner-friendly and requires no previous experience on programming or electronic music.


During this module you'll get to create your own song by writing code with Sonic Pi which is available for Windows, Mac OS, Linux and Raspberry Pi computers for free. You also learn some of the basics of electronic music production and music theory by using the sounds and tools that come with Sonic Pi. The module contains three lessons which are approximately one and a half hours long each. The lessons are presented in video format and contain assignments for the students. The module is an introduction to project-based learning, and is required to undertake more advanced projects.

The lesson structure:

  1. Your First Beeps
  2. Creating A Drum Beat
  3. Writing A Bass Riff
  4. Presenting Your Song

Additionally, teachers get access to a lesson which explains everything they need to consider before starting this course in their classrooms.


For each student / instructor you will need:

  • A computer running Windows, Mac OS, Linux or Raspbian
  • Keyboard and mouse
  • Headphones
  • Working Internet connection

Sonic Pi is a free application which can be downloaded from

The Learning Outcome

During this course you will learn the very basics of programming and making electronic music with Sonic Pi. The programming language used in Sonic Pi is actually based on the popular Ruby programming language. So you learn the basics of a real programming language when you code with Sonic Pi. You also learn some fundamentals of music theory and music production in general. Additionally, after completing this course you can learn how to perform with Sonic Pi by live coding your own electronic music!

Course Certificate

Teachers and students are eligible to receive an official Mehackit badge certification upon the completion of this course.