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What is Mehackit Atelier?


Mehackit Atelier is video-based learning environment containing creative technology modules in Music Programming, Art Programming and Electronics & Programming. Mehackit Atelier is designed to be used in the classroom to support both teacher and students - watch the video to learn more!


How Mehackit Atelier works?

Make In-service training in-service

Why wait until the end of the training to start teaching? Atelier includes a professional development module that you can do alongside your teaching. Learn the best practices of bringing creativity and technology into your classroom and implement them with easy to follow video tutorials.


Enjoy the creative freedom in teaching technology

The learning material in Mehackit Atelier is built on project-based learning and maker culture. The material covers programming basics and technical details, so you can focus on promoting creative ideas and supporting group work.

Mehackit Atelier gives you the flexibility of a self directed MOOC and the immediacy of a classroom. You can focus your attention to the students who need it the most, and self directed students enjoy the freedom of proceeding at their own pace.

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What is the content in Mehackit Atelier?

We built Atelier so that anyone can use their creativity to learn more about technology. Whether you’re a newbie or an expert, learning new skills should be fun and meaningful.

The content of Atelier is focused on fun and creative projects. It doesn’t matter if you are an absolute beginner or a seasoned veteran - you can let your creativity shine through. You’ll learn the basics of programming with the help of video-based learning material, and from the start you’ll be able to apply the knowledge in meaningful projects.

The modules inside Atelier are designed to easily fit in your teaching. The basics modules are approximately 4 lessons long and easily adapted to your needs. Projects range from short one-hour projects to more extensive ones.


 How much does it cost?

The continuous development training and access to Mehackit Atelier costs 150€ + VAT / teacher / year. The student access to Mehackit Atelier costs 10€ + VAT / student / year. Technical support is always included in the price.