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Let Me Hack It - Professional Development training

Premiere: December 2019
Length: 1-3 credits, 2 h / week
Type: Self paced, peer interaction, online
Including: Teacher’s access to Mehackit Atelier, 1 year
Language: English
Price: 150 eur + VAT

Practical and inspiring training for teachers to gain basic pedagogical skills in creative technology, programming, project based learning and using digital learning materials in classroom. Fill in the form below and we'll contact you with more information as soon as the English version is available!

Welcome to visit the Course Gallery of the original online training in Finnish or join the second course in Finnish starting in September!


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This training has already opened my eyes! Teaching is not the same as it used to be when programming can be applied in music, arts and crafts! Brilliant, mind opening course!
— Teacher in our Spring 2019 training, Finland

Music Programming Track

Are you looking for a fun and easy way to include technology in your teaching? The Music Programming Track is a great way to get started with creative technology.

You and your students get to make music by using an intuitive and friendly program called Sonic Pi (free). Our easy to follow video tutorials and included educator materials mean that you can use less time for preparing and more time for teaching!

Course modules

You can immediately listen to what you have coded. Music seems to be an easy theme for many young students. The students were enthusiastic to try new creative ideas such as ‘hey, we could add this command here!’ And one girl decided to try as high-pitched sounds as possible in her song!
— Mehackit instructor, Finland

Visual Arts Track

Ready to unleash your visual imagination? Explore the relationships between our visible world and programming through art and self-expression!

The open-source tool of this track is Processing (free). Install it on school computers, add the students to your virtual classroom in Mehackit Atelier and start teaching right away.



Ages: 12+
Length: 4-6h
Content: 4 chapters + Educator material

The Basics-module starts with chapter Art with shapes where you’ll learn to locate geometric shapes to your drawing canvas. The next chapter Moving stuff teaches your students to animate movement, for example in a form of the dropping colored leaves of autumn. Chapter Interact with it! enables interaction using keyboard and mouse. In the end, everything is summarized in a small creative project.


Ages: 12+
Length: 2-4h / Project
Applicable to teaching: visual arts, math, ICT, design and more!

When you know the basics, you want to dive deeper and explore wider! Make a Random poem -generator to combine your creations with literature or learn how to add your projects to internet in Website visuals. In the project Game Studio students learn to make classic 2D games with moving objects and enemies. Check out all the other projects in Mehackit Atelier!

Teacher’s weeks are often quite busy and it isn’t possible to prepare everything perfectly. It was nice that I just needed to add students to Art Programming Basics, the material proceeded logically and made it possible for the students to be self-directive. There was a really focused atmosphere in the class!
— Kerttu Korhonen, Visual Arts teacher, Jyväskylä Normal School, Finland

Electronics and Programming Track

Create a light installation, a game, an electronic musical instrument and more!

Electronics is everywhere in our built environment. Due to automation, programming is often used to make it work. So you’ll also learn about basics of programming and a ton about electricity.

You’ll need a Mehackit Maker Kit or any Arduino-based started kit, the Arduino programming environment (free), a computer, headphones and you’re ready to go!



Ages: 14+
Length: 8h
Content: 4 chapters & educator material

Start with Electronics and Programming Basics and learn what Arduino is and how to combine everyday materials and objects into your projects. You will create light, sound and movement, make circuits with components, as well as write and upload your code to Arduino.


Ages: 14+
Length: 2-4h / project
Applicable to teaching: crafts, physics, music, art, math, ICT, design and more!

Want to make disco lights, a robotic mini car, an interactive origami, hack a toy or make a plant watering bot? Grab a project module and start making! We bet you won’t even notice how your circuits and programming get more complex as you gain more skills and follow your creative instinct!

The most interesting course in high school so far with very appliable content and a lot of freedom to create.
— Student, Sotunki High School, Finland