Bassline Is the King

What’s In a Bass?

Do this

Make a simple bassline!

  • Create a new live_loop for the bassline.
  • Choose a synth you like with use_synth and select two different notes between 36 and 60.

Remember to keep it simple for now - you can always add more stuff later!

Educator notes

When starting out with a bassline, it might be tempting to write long and complicated melodies. However, keeping it simple keeps the focus on the rhythm and the function of the bassline. It’s also easier to make a simple melody more complex than the other way around.

Add Some Groove!

Do this

Make the bassline groove! If you don’t know where to start, try some of the tips below.

  • Use a faster rhythm for the bassline. (Use a small value for release to avoid overlapping notes)
  • Try not to play the kick and the bass at the same time all the time
  • Rests are just as important for the groove as the notes are! You can easily try dropping a note to see how it might affect the groove by using the #-symbol to comment out a play command.
  • Remember that rhythm is all about using sleep!

Educator notes

It’s worth making it clear to the learners that you can sleep before doing any other actions. Some learners might have picked up the trick to have a loop sleep for a longer value before doing anything. This is a good place to remind them of that.