Exercise: Construct a Beat

Construct a Beat

Exercise instructions 1/2

Create a drum beat!

Suggested time limit is 10 minutes

  • Use sample command to play the samples
  • Use at least two different samples
  • Use sleep command to create the rhythm
  • Make sure that the sleep values add up to 4
  • Put your drum beat inside a live_loop
  • Save your rhythm code.
  • You will need the rhythm code in the next step as well!

Multiple Loops

Exercise instructions 2/2

Make several loops play together!

  • Use sample command to play the samples
  • Make at least two different loops with live_loop
  • Remember that each live_loop needs a unique name
  • You can use larger sleep values to create silence
  • You can also use play inside a live_loop
  • Use the # sign to write a comment with a name for the beat at the top of the buffer
  • Save your rhythm code.