Electronics and Programming Projects

The projects here are designed to be done after completing the Electronics and Programming Basics-module. The projects will take between 30-120 minutes to complete depending on the level of complexity. They can also easily be adapted into longer experiments.

List of Projects

Babbling Creature

Learn to use recycled materials and a tilt-switch to create a noisy robot.

Watering Plants with Zero Effort

Learn to use a water pump and code a control system that will automatically water your plants!

Measuring Acceleration

Learn to use an accelometer by experimenting with one.

Disco Lights

Build disco lights and code them to flash to the beat of music.

Robot on Wheels

Build a robot that moves by itself.

Obstacle Avoiding Robot

Use a distance detecting sensor to make the robot from the previous project automatically avoid obstacles.

Controlling Computer Graphics

Learn how to combine Arduino with Processing to control computer graphics with an Arduino.

Hack Your Toy

Make your toys move in wonderful and strange ways!