How to learn programming while teaching it

September 26, 2019

Technology education and programming are becoming a compulsory part of curricula around the world. The world is constantly digitizing and automatising, so it’s essential to understand at least something about technology instead of only consuming it. We want to give youth a set of skills that helps them to be the creators of the future. Creativity, engineering, discovery and excitement will help them navigate in a world that is not built yet.

Because technology is affecting everywhere – not just in traditional technology fields – it’s important to encourage all students to get familiar with technology. Not all students are interested in the theoretical approaches to programming. Even if they were, it’s usually harder to create a personal relationship with technology if the end result is only a text or calculation on the screen. When programming is applied to arts, music or crafts, the students can observe the result of the code immediately. Most importantly they can create something that is meaningful to them.

To teach programming creatively and inclusively all teachers have to be included in the process, not only the ones who are eager anyway. Many teachers aren’t familiar with technology and programming, or they don’t feel confident enough to teach it. On the other hand, teacher’s schedule is often full and it’s challenging to use lots of time to master a subject. What could help?

As a learning service, Mehackit Atelier helps the teacher to teach creative programming and the student to create meaningful projects. It also enables teaching while learning. How is that possible?

When basics of programming can be learned from the videos, the teacher can focus on promoting creative ideas and the students can make meaningful projects.

When basics of programming can be learned from the videos, the teacher can focus on promoting creative ideas and the students can make meaningful projects.

1. The basics of programming and technical details are presented in easy-to-follow videos

When the technical part is covered in the learning material, it is easier for the teacher to apply it as a part of a lesson. You only have to give students a laptop, a pair of headphones and materials for ideas and you are ready to go!

2. Tips for teachers if there comes any problems

There are own chapters for teachers in each student module, so that the teacher can help the students with emerging questions. Even though the student material is comprehensive, every now and then some issues may arrive. It’s soothing for the student to be able to rely on the teacher’s help.

3. Training teachers while they teach

Isn’t it hard to teach and help students if you think that you don’t know enough about the subject? To tackle this challenge, Mehackit Atelier contains development training in creative technology for teachers, Let Me Hack It. It’s a practical and inspiring training to gain basic pedagogical skills in creative technology, programming, project based learning and using digital learning materials in the classroom. You can apply the new knowledge immediately into classroom!