Pop-up Mehackit workshops in Norway

June 10, 2016

Last week we organized three Mehackit workshops in Oslo – a five hour hardware hack and two pop-up workshops with Sonic Pi

The workshops were organized together with Finsk-Norsk culture institute Finno and Biblo Toyen, the coolest library we have EVER seen. Biblo Toyen is a library for 10-15 year olds and adults are actually not even allowed inside the library. But luckily we got a special permission to enter the library!

Our workshop masterminds Sanna & Tommi seriously blew the minds of the attendees and they even got really good feedback for their pedagogical skills! Norway we love you.

During the five hour hardware hack 13-14 year olds got to build their own arduino installations out of plush toys. It was great to see how eye-opening the experience was for these students: only one in the group had programmed before and the students actually got to use their creativity and imagination while building with arduinos.

The pop-up workshops with Sonic Pi were all about live programming music and epic tunes – two girls (aged 12) programmed beats so awesome that they even started to dance… Check our Instagram for more videos.

Thank you for the amazing co-operation Finno and Biblo Toyen!

P.S We are looking for a pilot school in Oslo – is your high school interested in technology education? Contact hello@mehackit.org! 🙂