Mehackit Atelier named finalist in the GESS Awards!

February 3, 2020

Mehackit is Shortlisted for the “Best CSR Programme”!

CSR – or Corporate Social Responsibility refers to corporate initiatives that enhance the quality of education in their respective communities. The GESS Award will be presented to companies that demonstrate and implement an outstanding quality in working with corporations to achieve a shared, socially impactful goal.

The impact Mehackit has made wouldn’t have been possible without our multi-year partnership with Samsung Electronics Nordic. The base of the partnership is a mutual interest: the importance of educating the future generations with necessary technology skills.

Mehackit Atelier is a new online learning service by Mehackit.

Mehackit’s dream is to support all educators and secondary school students to get creative, confident and curious about technology.

Atelier makes it possible to teach programming and technology skills with minimal preparation time.

Atelier doesn’t require educators to have prior experience of programming or technology to be able to offer creative, high quality and engaging learning opportunities to their classroom!

Atelier is a valuable learning service for any educator of students from 13 to 19 years, interested in: