Teach and learn programming through Art, Music and Hardware

Mehackit offers free online art and technology courses, professional development training in phenomenon-based teaching of creative technology, and participatory workshops for museums and events.

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Mehackit is a social business providing high-quality creative technology training, learning content and pedagogics. We give positive experiences in making technology projects - motivation, enthusiasm and fun are the core of learning at Mehackit. After founding in 2014, we have trained over 1000 teachers and reached over 4000 students worldwide.

Our mission is to make technology skills more equal by developing educational solutions and material. We want young people and teachers to experience creative control over technology, and share the awakened curiosity and eagerness with their friends, students or colleagues.


Professional development training

Mehackit provides training in creative technology for phenomenon-based teaching in support of free learning materials. Practical and inspiring training provides pedagogical skills in creative technology, programming, project-based learning, and the use of digital learning materials in the classroom.

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Workshops and events

Mehackit has organized creative technology workshops at EMMA, Kiasma, Oslo and Stockholm Technical Museums, among others, as well as produced educational materials and trained instructors for the Aalto Code Bus Africa project. We offer workshops, events and creative partnerships, for individuals, companies and institutions. The goal for all our partnerships is an impact on as diverse audiences as possible.

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Media art production and community art projects

Mehackit enables the Mehackit media art collective's own artistic work by providing workspaces, materials and opportunities for artistic work. Mehackit also helps artists with media art production and acts as a partner in events and community art projects.

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Mehackit Maker Kit

We needed the most fun, affordable and accessible components to support our Electronics and Programming track, so we decided to create the Arduino-based Mehackit Maker Kit.

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I was pleasantly surprised at how versatile the course dealt with creativity. I succeeded, even though I set off from almost zero :)

– Participant feedback on an online course in creative technology and programming for teachers

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