A’hoy Educators! Apply to become a local test user for Mehackit Atelier with your students!

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Teach your students the basics of programming with minimal preparation time!

We are looking for cities, schools, educators, with different backgrounds, to test Mehackit Atelier online learning service with their own students (11 -19 years)!

Mehackit team conducts intensive testing with schools in December 2018 - May 2019. The test users get to use the service and learning materials free of charge.

Requirements for test users

  • Interested in learning and developing their own skills in creative technology and programming

  • Interested in closing the digital and technology skills gap through better education

  • Interested in project based teaching and learning

  • Committed to good communication with us during the testing process

  • Willing to teach 4-6 lessons to test Atelier with secondary school students

  • Access to Wifi, computers and head phones for the participants

  • Understanding that Atelier is developed during the test phase

Read more in our previous blog post!

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