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Step in and make yourself at home! We support educators and learners to get creative, confident and curious about technology. Our online educator training program and learning materials for students contribute to discovering the joys of creative technology.


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Music Programming Basics (English)

Price 99 eur with code D2LEVENT (regular price 149 eur)

  • Educator training with certificate

  • Online support from team Mehackit

  • Student materials and instructions for beginner projects (6-12 h)

  • Included: a personal invitation to become a test user for our next module “Educator Starter Pack”, published in Spring 2019.

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Let Me Hack It


OPH:n rahoittama opettajien täydennyskoulutus verkossa, ja sen toteuttavat Mehackit ja Educendo.

Onko ohjelmointi luovaa tekemistä? Voiko taidetta koodata?

Mikä ihmeen maker-kulttuuri? Miksi häkkääminen on tulevaisuuden taito? Eikös se ole jotain laitonta?

Koulutuksen laajuus on 1-3 opintopistettä. Kurssitehtävät voi suorittaa joustavasti seitsemän viikon ohjatun jakson aikana keväällä tai syksyllä 2019.

The Mehackit course was always one of the highlights of the week. I really hope the Mehackit course continues in our school. This should be a part of every semester.
— Lauttasaari High School Student, 16, Helsinki, Finland

No one knows what skills are needed in the future – the best we can do is give kids a set of creativity, engineering, discovery and excitement to help them navigate in a world that is not built yet.


Our dream


Our dream is to support every educator and young adult to get creative, confident and curious about technology. Our activities - educator training, school courses, workshops and events - all contribute towards discovering the joys of creative technology.  We share the vision with our corporate citizenship partner Samsung - to make technology a force for good in the world!