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Target group: primary and highschool teachers
Group size: 10-25
Length and content: custom

Thanks Mehackit for coaching us last spring with Arduino - we're well equipped to continue on our own now!

 -Teacher, Vantaa Robot Highschool Project

Teacher training in creative technologies

Arduino, Processing, Sonic Pi
Custom topics

Creative technologies are especially well suited for cross-curricular project work. Mehackit has organized teacher training for example on Scratch programming as a tool for multicultural teaching, combining Arduino and robotics in upper secondary education and, in general, on applying creative technologies in teaching in a beneficial way. Our team consists of professionals in creative technologies, technology education and pedagogics, and we are able to modify teacher training content according to the needs of your school.

  • Electronics and Programming with Arduino
  • Arduino
  • Create electronic installations with the most popular programmable microcontroller in the world, Arduino.
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  • Visual Arts and Programming with Processing
  • Processing
  • Create multimedia art and graphics with the Processing programming language.
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  • Live Music Programming with Sonic Pi
  • Sonic pi
  • Compose and live-code music with the Sonic Pi programming environment.
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  • Teacher Training on Creative Technologies
  • Teacher
  • What are creative technologies - how to teach them and why? 
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