Basic info

Target group: highscool
Applied subjects: music (electronic music, sound), physics (signal processing, sound), mathematics (algorithmic thinking), IT
Group size: 10-25
Length: 4-6 h

I think it has been really educational and fun. We thought coding was only for games but it is for music as well.

-Student, Mehackit workshop in Norwich, UK

Live music programming with Sonic Pi

Basics of digital sound
Composing music by coding
Immediate, positive experience with technology

 Sonic Pi is an exciting way to get started with coding: writing a new line of code produces immediate audible results. When coding live, it is easy to understand how code and sounds are connected. The students learn the basics of electronic music production by using synthesizers, samplers and sequencing. Also different music styles are covered, as the students make creative choices regarding their music. Which parameters are needed to create the famous wobble bass known in Dubstep music? Or how can you construct a basic drum beat by a few lines of code?

  • Electronics and Programming with Arduino
  • Arduino
  • Create electronic installations with the most popular programmable microcontroller in the world, Arduino.
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  • Visual Arts and Programming with Processing
  • Processing
  • Create multimedia art and graphics with the Processing programming language.
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  • Live Music Programming with Sonic Pi
  • Sonic pi
  • Compose and live-code music with the Sonic Pi programming environment.
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  • Teacher Training on Creative Technologies
  • Teacher
  • What are creative technologies - how to teach them and why? 
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