Basic info

Target group: highschool / upper secondary
Applied subjects: mathematics (algorithmic thinking, geometry, trigonometry), visual arts (media and computer arts), IT
Group size: 10-25
Length: 38 h (normal course),
15-25 h (intensive course)

The challenges were fun, I had to put myself to a test and let nothing but my imagination restrict me.

- Student, Gymnasiet Lärkan highschool

Visual arts and programming with Processing

Interactive animation, computer graphics and games
Generative art 
Mathematical problem-solving

Processing is an open source coding platform, which has become increasingly popular among media artists and visual designers. The syntax is easy to adopt and interesting graphics can be created in no time. After learning the basics of coding forms an colors, the students move on to creating animations and interaction. They also get acquainted with generative art through examples and exercises: programming allows an animation transform and progress autonomously over time, following the internal logic of the code.

  • Electronics and Programming with Arduino
  • Arduino
  • Create electronic installations with the most popular programmable microcontroller in the world, Arduino.
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  • Visual Arts and Programming with Processing
  • Processing
  • Create multimedia art and graphics with the Processing programming language.
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  • Live Music Programming with Sonic Pi
  • Sonic pi
  • Compose and live-code music with the Sonic Pi programming environment.
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  • Teacher Training on Creative Technologies
  • Teacher
  • What are creative technologies - how to teach them and why? 
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