Basic info

Target group: highschool / upper secondary
Applied subjects: physics (electricity, circuits), mathematics (algorithmic thinking), crafts (product, material and structural design), visual arts (media and computer arts), IT
Group size: 10-25
Length: 38 h (normal course),
15-25 h (intensive course)

A fantastic course, this was eye-opening and we had a really good time! Hopefully we'll have something similar in the future.

-Student, Tampereen yhteiskoulu highschool

Electronics and programming with Arduino

Prototyping ideas with sensors and electronic devices
Basics of robotics
Interactive installations

Arduino is the most popular microcontroller in the world - and for obvious reasons: this open-source platform is optimal for various projects ranging from art, design and maker activities to industrial-level product and service prototypes. On the Mehackit course the students get to experiment with electronic sound, light installations, hacking hardware and movement. Finished projects from the course include Rube Goldberg machines, drawing bots and a robotic ice cream truck. Join the fun and find out what kind of inventions your students will come up with!

  • Electronics and Programming with Arduino
  • Arduino
  • Create electronic installations with the most popular programmable microcontroller in the world, Arduino.
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  • Visual Arts and Programming with Processing
  • Processing
  • Create multimedia art and graphics with the Processing programming language.
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  • Live Music Programming with Sonic Pi
  • Sonic pi
  • Compose and live-code music with the Sonic Pi programming environment.
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  • Teacher Training on Creative Technologies
  • Teacher
  • What are creative technologies - how to teach them and why? 
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