Mehackit Courses

Cross-disciplinary creative technology courses for highschools:

  • Electronics and Programming with Arduino
  • Arduino
  • Create electronic installations with the most popular programmable microcontroller in the world, Arduino.
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  • Visual Arts and Programming with Processing
  • Processing
  • Create multimedia art and graphics with the Processing programming language.
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  • Live Music Programming with Sonic Pi
  • Sonic pi
  • Compose and live-code music with the Sonic Pi programming environment.
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  • Teacher Training on Creative Technologies
  • Teacher
  • What are creative technologies - how to teach them and why? 
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Courses in general

Length: 4 - 38 h

Group size: 15-25

Instructor: Local university student (typically ICT), trained by Mehackit

Course material: Open online material produced by Mehackit

We combine science, open-source technologies, art, crafts and design: self-expression, real-world problem-solving and collaboration are the basis of our courses.

Benefits for the students:
Self-confidence: Experience making with technology, not just using it
Fun: Get creative at your own terms!
Coding experience:  Suitable for both beginners and advanced students
Understanding the digital world: Internet of Things, computational and design thinking

Benefits for the school:

 Inspiration: A new angle to project work, teaching cross-disciplinary topics and creative tech
Confidence:  Mehackit courses as training possibilities for teachers
 Open online learning resources for future use  
Convenience: A structured and practical way to provide students learning opportunities on technology - also for students who don't appear to be interested in the topic.

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"The Mehackit course was always one of the highlights of the week."

"I really hope that the Mehackit course continues in our school. This should be part of every semester"

Lauttasaari High School Student, 16, Helsinki, Finland 

How to get a Mehackit course to your school?

Hello Schools in Northern Europe and beyond! 

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Countries we currently operate in: Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, UK
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What does it cost?
The costs of organizing a course vary depending on the country - we're a social enterprise and always aim to keep the rates reasonable. 

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