12.22.2016 — by Henrietta

Wrap up to 2016 and some great updates

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Deck the halls people..!  

I want to share a few special things that happened this year.. hard work is sometimes indistinguishable from magic.

Gossip & highlights

First Mehackit Alumni spotted at Aaltoes FallUp event! Anni, who took part in our first course in SYK is now studying at Aalto Uni School of Engineering.

We made an sound-art installation of a printer at the Samsung Developer Conference in San Francisco and by coincidence the inventor came by, positively surprised of the new artistic hack..

The original, large sound installation echoed through the Espoo Modern Art Museum, as they let our student-created installation stay to be exhibited :)

All public high schools in the greater Helsinki area in 2016 have been part of the Mehackit teacher training! Finland has now over hundreds of teachers who we have exchanged knowledge with. We learnt a lot. And we feel like the teachers did too. 

And our course has been taken into over 60 Finnish high schools already! We are so excited.

Mehackit also did the first Micro:bit workshops in Finland this autumn. What a great little versatile device that is.

We'll be announcing our advisory board in the beginning of 2017. <3


Our newest addition is Sanna Reponen. Sanna is a rock n roll hacker of all things - loves to repurpose soft toys, augment reality and get objects to communicate.. she has been our volunteer ever since the first workshops in 2013, and we are overwhelmingly happy to have her with us as our CTO.

Otso, my co-founder will be spending more time at the media lab, but still actively contribute to our curriculum and keeping us on the right path. Hilla our youngest hacker took a school break and will be scouting for new instructors very soon again ;)

Audiovisual artist - hacker Tommi has been with us for soon a year, and you can really see his influence on mehackit - the Sonic Pi curriculum for upper secondary schools and #Kesäkoodi campaign and 14-yr old students in Oslo to crazydance to the music they just programmed. Tommi is good fun to be around and a bit crazy like the rest of us, so an absolute match! His and Hanna's electronic duo Phantom also released their album in 2016 and we are proud to watch them take over stages :)

Reetta continues to be epic and besides marketing & communications, she has budded to be our star in opening new nordic markets!

Our first Swedish course rolled out in VRG Odenplan, (fully booked!) and our awesome instructor Hanna is very happy :)

Mikko has also been with us since the beginning of time.. first volunteering and making our first Arduino course material, now relaxing in our team offsites.. Mikko has a great pedagogy - technology mix, an open mind and a strong heart.

Heini joined our team and operations about a year ago. She’s done an excellent work in shaping our ops and makes a great accessible manager to people as well as a steady leader. That's why Heini is the right choice to be our new CEO!

Our instructors all around Finland are rocking it in Nordic high schools - we couldn't be more proud of them! 

Chair of the board 

Tommi told me there are three stages of founder crisis, which I kind of see now..

The first stage is when you realise you shouldn’t know everything that’s happening in your company. I've always pretty much known what colour felt pens people took to events.

The second stage is when you realise that you don’t know everything that’s happening in the company. Someone maybe did something differently than you would have. And good gracious, it even worked.

The third stage comes when you realise the company would be fine even without you. Ha. Something everyone hopes for but will not easily admit to themselves. I think we're now in a mixed level of second and third stage.

I’m taking a new role in Mehackit, away from operations. I am going to attempt to be an effective sidekick. Aka chair of the board.

Mehackit is very dear to me - because its cause is so personal - and this is the place where I can serve it the best from now onwards. We are almost a different company now than we were just the three of us with Otso and Charlotta, and we can feel lucky to have spectacularly different people with us in the crew all across the Nordics now, from Copenhagen to Lapland.

These humans are undoubtedly the best in the world to run the show now, and luckily those same people have helped shape our mission and what we do.


Our team is well and taking a Christmas break now. If you are reading this, it's likely that you are part of our team too. Our mission is to democratise the understanding of the world ever-evolving around us, by showing the creating side of technology. Whether you are a teacher, a principle, a supporter or a crew member, you have also deserved a calm christmas break. Next year will be amazing, and full of positive impact.

Piecing the puzzle again to a new form!

On to the rainbows,