11.28.2016 — by Reetta Heiskanen

Mehackit Tips for Slush 2016

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Pics: Sami Heiskanen & Jussi Hellsten

This is the week - time to get seriously excited for Slush 2016! Still have some free slots in your calendar? Here are some useful tips from Team Mehackit. 


Slush Deep Dive

Deep Dive is for leaders looking for new business growth. Mehackit Co-founder Henrietta will join a panel discussion regarding the future of corporations. Together with Heikki Leskinen, Sonja Rajala & Perttu Pölönen, Henrietta will discuss whether millenials can help CEO’s transform corporations.

Check out the whole Deep Dive program here!

2:35 PM - 2:55 PM Toward the future of game learning - green stage

Ceo and co-founder of Lightneer Lauri Järvilehto will be talking about how the future of learning is fun learning. According to Järvilehto, we have to figure out how to create learning experiences that are as interesting and fun as other cool things in our lives.

Slush Music

Our team artist and hacker Tommi will join Slush Music at Kaapelitehdas for the day. We are always up for a chat about Music Programming with Sonic Pi. Check out our amazing Sonic Pi material here!


Slush Youth

Mehackit will organize programming workshops for 300 high-schoolers at the Slush Youth-event.

Follow our live broadcasts from our Mehackit FB-channel and meet the future generations and join the feeling of Slush Youth.

All together, there will be four workshops organized by UPM, Lidl, A-lehdet & Mehackit.


Mehackit co-founder Henrietta will join Ylex at 11.30 AM to discuss the future.  Tune in for the live broadcast and get ready for some epic future visions!

Black Stage

11:25 AM Using mobile to build the sustainable societies of tomorrow!

Funzi and UN are launching a revolutionary mobile learning project to implement sustainable development goals and build entrepreneurial societies. This will be exciting!

2:55 PM - 3:40 PM Who will decide what we learn?

Startup world has been waiting for the rise of education technology companies, but we are still waiting for the run-up. Why is it so hard to scale education and what are the new terms of learning in the future?

Linda Liukas, Luben Pampoulov, Olli-Pekka Heinonen, Saku Tuominen and Sanna Lukander will discuss the topic further.

See you at Slush 2016!