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Mehackit among the 100 most inspiring innovations in K12 education year 2017

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It is a true honour for us to be listed among 100 Global Inspiring Innovations in K12 Education by Hundred!

It is an honour to share this with all of you, teachers, colleagues and partners, with whom I think we share one thing in common - we all believe that education is the best way to change the world to be a better place - more peaceful, more sustainable more equal!

As the future is not built yet, it is very important to give all people equal opportunities in taking part in building it and, while doing so, to live satisfying, meaningful lives together and be happy. 

We at Mehackit are doing our share in making creative technology skills more equal! We want to give youth their first experience in planning, designing, prototyping and presenting their creative projects to their peers - “Look what we made!" We want that their first experience is positive and empowering!

Blending human instructors with online course platform

We want to make it as easy as possible for any school to take creative technology learning into classrooms. Our innovation is our digital course platform together with our instructor network. We have recruited and trained over 50 lovely, skilled technology university students!

Creativity, art and self expression through technological projects is very motivating and close to the hearts of Mehackit instructors. They see that the most important gift they can give to students is, infact, inspiration and motivation to open a door to the curious world of creative technologies. Whatever our wildest dreams and ideas with new things may be, they only scratch the surface of what's possible with good mentoring.

Mehackit instructors have been to almost every 5th Finnish upper secondary school and they have instructed long 38 hour-courses to students. We have also instructed courses in Swedish schools. For some of our instructors this is their first work experience in their own field, and, with our help, they are super enthusiastic to share their own enthusiasm with others.

With creative technologies we mean projects such as (links below are to our free courses)  
  1. learning to program digital music and having a concert in the end of the course, 
  2. combining visual art with programming and creating beautiful moving images or animations and presenting them in schools' art gallery or
  3. making objects move or communicate with each other by programming small sensors and motors (electronics, robotics or even Internet of Things) and to have a demo day at school. 
By making something creative and fun has an incredible effect on motivation to learn, to figure out what problems to solve in the first place and what questions to ask: there are no wrong answers as long as you get it to work! 

Mehackit Instructors to support local schools, teachers to co-create with Mehackit

Mehackit courses have been developed in continuous co-creation process with and feedback from our instructors, local teachers and students. Our content fits well with the Finnish National Curriculum for general upper secondary education under "Exploratory work with technology" (TO2). In basic education our courses are related to the Mathematics, Physics, Art, Music and Computer sciences. In Finland programming has been integrated in the curriculum as part of the objectives set for mathematics since 2016. 

Mehackit Instructor network makes it possible for schools to offer courses without training the teachers first. In fact, we invite teachers to take part in the courses to learn and get inspired as well!

However, we also provide pedagogical and concrete teacher training workshops for any groups of teachers seeking for inspiration and support. We have had workshops with not only Finnish teachers but also groups from Korea, Saudi-Arabia, Sweden, and even professional programmers and developers, to mention some. 

Mehackit is looking for partners to take creative technology learning to classrooms internationally!

Now, after three years of partnering up with Samsung Nordics, who we share many values with such as appreciation of education, equality and wellbeing, we are thankful to continue working with them in the future too.  

We are also looking for new partners to help us to take our pedagogics to other parts of the world in a smart, sustainable way!

Regarding maker culture, which we promote, you’ve all heard about DIY - do it yourself... It should be DIT from now on - do it together

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We are looking for an education business developer!

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Do you desire to change the way youth learn about technology? Do you think more youngsters should have the opportunity to try programming and robotics already in school? If yes, this might be something for you!

The ideal candidate will possess both a business background that enables them to drive an engagement and interact with education officials and educators, as well as a background that enables them to easily interact with software developers.


Joining Mehackit now is a really unique opportunity to build something new while learning from professionals who are passionate about education. Our vision is to equip the next generation with creative technology skills in a democratic way and wider reach than ever before in history.

Mehackit organizes programming and robotics courses in schools in the Nordics and provides professional development for educators. We have built a network of 100 schools, 500 teachers and several partners. So far we have impacted more than 6000 youngsters through school courses and events.

Our pedagogy is grounded in interactive learning model that builds self-confidence, technology skills and teamwork skills necessary to succeed in a more technical world than ever before.

Position: Education Business Developer

Job description:

  • You will work closely with product leadership: executing on new and existing Mehackit products.

  • You will engage in business development activities: meetings with partners, schools and other clients, preparing sales materials, conducting market research and focus group interviews.

  • You will engage prospective customers, educate them about Mehackit products and discuss the benefits of the products.

  • You will work tightly with our teacher-network and conduct research on their professional development needs.

  • The position is half-time/full-time, depending on your life situation.

A little bit about you:

  • Passion, skills, values

    • Interest in pedagogy and working with 15-18 year olds and teachers.

    • Exceptional communication, presentation and interpersonal skills with a proven track record in relationship building.

  • Business experience

    • You have drive to build an international business in the field of education and technology.

    • You have experience from scaling products to new markets.

    • You have experience from working with schools or education field. You also understand the not-for-profit market and social enterprises.

  • Entrepreneurial attitude

    • Flexible and adaptable driver for change

  • Education background

    • University degree in economics/engineering/social sciences

Apply by sending an application and CV to Heini Karppinen, CEO at Mehackit. You can also ask for more information: heini@mehackit.org

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Interview with Karin Nygårds: Tech education in Swedish schools

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Karin Nygårds is a teacher, programming enthusiast and TV host of the program "Programmera mera". We were lucky enough to chat with her about the level of technology education in Swedish schools, necessary future skills and exciting technologies. 

Picture: Severus Tenenbaum

Karin, how is technology education present in Swedish schools right now?

We have some schools that are way ahead, and I dare to say among the best in the world, but then we also have the ones that are way behind. Generally speaking, I think education still focus too much on using the tools, and too little on how they affect us. Teachers should get more involved in discussions what technology is doing to us, and how it changes the world we live in and the way we think and learn. Teachers are the ones who see the changes first.

In your opinion, what should technology education be like?

I think we all need more knowledge about the systems that surround us. Many aspects of our lives will change because of technology - everyone should be able to see how technology affects us. The more transparent the technology gets, the more important it is for us to reveal the invisible barriers. I also wish that every teacher, not just the programming teachers or math teachers, thought about how digitalization affects education. It's a matter that we all should care about.

What is your background, how did you get excited about programming and tech?

I used to be a regular Swedish teacher. I started to use a blog with my first graders in 2011 and that made me more curious about how to incorporate the digital world in my classroom. I wanted to create something with my students and started to look into programming with kids. After taking my first programming course in 2012, I was convinced this was something we need to teach in school today. 

Learning how to write my own programs for my computer made a huge impact on how I see the digital world. I want my students to feel the same power over the tools, not just being a slave under them.

What are the necessary skills that today's youth need for the future?

It is a challenge to manage all the distractions in the digital world. How do we disconnect and focus? It's not getting any easier. We still need to get things done. Focus will be a great skill to excel in.

We need to be able to communicate cross cultural, since the arena is multicultural. How do I express myself, in words and pictures, in a way that people with different background can understand?

And, of course, we need to be better at questioning who made what and why. Critical thinking is our most important skill, now and forever.

Which technologies are you really excited about right now? 

I see the power in VR and AR for the future. Such a great opportunity for schools to exchange conditions and experiences over the world. We can travel far, without leaving the classroom. 

Professors from all over the world can show up in the classroom, through the web. Instead of just watching a film about cole mines, we can step into one and experience what it's like to work in one. Hopefully, this will be a great tool for deeper learning.

Thank you Karin!

Mehackit organizes programming and robotics courses in Nordic high schools. During autumn term 2016 the Mehackit Visual Programming course started in Viktor Rydberg Gymnasium in Stockholm and ever since Mehackit has held several workshops for youth and teachers in Sweden. 

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Huomio Lahti - etsimme Mehackit-kurssiohjaajia!

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Oletko kiinnostunut teknologian maailmasta, haluatko auttaa nuoria saamaan ensikosketuksen koodailuun ja maker-kulttuuriin? Sinustako Mehackit-ohjaaja lukiokurssille?

Haemme nyt teknologia-alan korkeakouluopiskelijoita vetämään Mehackitin luovan teknologian kursseja Lahden seudun lukioissa lukuvuonna 2017-18! Kurssejamme on järjestetty jo 65 lukiossa ympäri Suomen.

Mehackit kouluttaa ohjaajan kurssin sisältöihin ja oppimateriaalien käyttöön, ja ohjaaja käy sovituissa lukioissa ohjaamassa seitsemän viikon kurssin (3 x 75min viikossa). Tuntikorvaus kattaa koulutuksen, ohjatut tunnit sekä valmisteluaikaa. Työ sopii hyvin myös opintojensa alkuvaiheessa olevalle.

Kursseja on kolmenlaisia:

  • Elektroniikka ja ohjelmointi Arduinolla: Kurssilla tutustutaan elektroniikkaan ja ohjelmoinnin alkeisiin rakentamalla erilaisia vimpaimia Arduino-alustalla.
  • Kuvataide ja ohjelmointi Processingilla: Kurssilla tutustutaan ohjelmoinnin alkeisiin tekemällä grafiikkaa ja animaatioita Processing-ohjelmointiympäristössä
  • Musiikkiohjelmointi Sonic Pi:llä: Tutustutaan elektroniseen musiikkiin ja live-koodaukseen Sonic Pi -ohjelmointikielen avulla.

Mitä odotamme Mehackit-ohjaajalta:

  • Ohjelmointitaitoja ja halua oppia lisää (kurssien ohjelmointialustojen ei tarvitse olla entuudestaan tuttuja!)
  • Kiinnostusta 15-18-vuotiaiden ohjaamiseen
  • Innostunutta ja luovaa asennetta ohjelmointiin ja teknologiaan
  • Taitoa selittää ohjelmoinnin peruskäsitteitä ymmärrettävällä ja hauskalla tavalla

Lähetä vapaamuotoinen hakemus ja cv: jobs@mehackit.org

Kysy lisää: Sanna Reponen / sanna@mehackit.org

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Mehackit's music programming workshop is now certified for its educational quality

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Products with Kokoa Education Standard certificate are guaranteed to represent high educational value and robust pedagogical design.

The Music Programming Workshop by Mehackit teaches youth creative programming and music production. The course includes materials for using open source music programming tool Sonic Pi.

The materials can be found here: www.sonic-pi.mehackit.org

We are truly excited to get this educational acknowledgement from Kokoa Agency. In the core of Mehackit lies the will to provide technology and helpful tools more equally to a wider audience.

All certified products are analysed with Kokoa expert evaluation method, which is designed to evaluate product’s educational quality and learning engagement.

According to Kokoa, the Music Programming workshop by Mehackit “gives an interesting, low threshold introduction to programming and computational thinking. During the course the students are actively solving problems and being creative. They can work alone or collaborate on a project.”

The programming language of Sonic Pi is based on Ruby. The program provides an easy syntax for the beginners and a lot of tutorials and documentation, which makes it suitable as a first introduction to programming.

Mehackit also provides instructors who teach the workshops.

The broad music sample library of Sonic Pi allows the students to approach the course from their own areas of interest. 

The workshop received best scores on all the aspects of the evaluation: subject area, life & career, learning & innovation and information & technology. 

Read more on the Kokoa website!

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Mehackit x Samsung: educating the next generations

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The co-operation between Mehackit and Samsung started in November 2014. The base of the partnership is a mutual interest regarding how important it is to educate the future generations with necessary technology skills.

At Slush 2014, Mehackit Founder Henrietta Kekäläinen announced a multi-year collaboration with the technology company Samsung. It has been an unbelievable ride ever since, building technology education to over 70 high schools in the Nordics, educating over 3000 youth and 200 teachers at schools and events. 

The Mehackit school course format gives a fun, hands-on introduction to creative technologies for high school students. Currently Mehackit is running two different courses at high schools: Electronics with Arduino and Visual Programming with Processing. On top of that, we organize music programming workshops in secondary schools and different technology events.

Highlights of our trip with Samsung 

First pilot course in SYK High School in Helsinki

The first Mehackit pilot started in SYK High School in December 2014. 20 high school students gained skills in robotics and programming and were able to build their very first, big and exciting technology projects. With the feedback and confidence that we gained from the course, we were able to start organizing teacher workshops and new school courses in the city of Tampere. The expansion of the Mehackit school course format became reality!

50 schools on board

This was an exciting milestone when we succeeded in bringing the Mehackit school course format to 50 Finnish high schools. The northern-most location for the Mehackit course became the city of Tornio, more than 700 km up north from Helsinki.

Samsung Developer Conference in San Francisco

In April 2016, we organized music programming workshops at the Samsung Developer Conference in San Francisco. The Samsung crowd seemed to enjoy the beats and we learned new, inspiring things about our global partner. 
Working with one of the largest technology companies in the world is an opportunity to get insights in global innovations and working with leading experts in the field.

Expansion to Sweden

The first Mehackit school course started in Viktor Rydberg Gymnasium, Stockholm in September 2016. We were super excited to welcome our first Swedish instructor, Hanna Årström on board. Hanna guided both Arduino and Processing-courses in VRG during 2016-2017.

What are the next steps?

Now we have reached the point, where even more schools are joining in for the next school year of 2017-2018. We are looking forward to welcome new high schools and cities and bring phenomena based programming to an even larger audience. During 2016-2017 we have done workshops in England, Russia, Norway, the U.S. & South-Africa in addition to Finland and Sweden. On top of that, the Codebus Africa project has brought our materials to nine other African countries. 

Learning tech skills shouldn’t be the priviledge of a certain group of people. Tech belongs to everyone and we want to give the youth the opportunity to build technology themselves and get inspired by the adventurous process. Working with Samsung has enabled our growth and impact and we couldn’t be happier about such a great partner.

Interested about the mission of Mehackit? Contact us at hello@mehackit.org for more information!

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Autoalan opiskelijat hakkeroivat Morris Minin

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Mehackit pääsi vetämään ensimmäistä kertaa Arduino-sisältöjä ammatillisella puolella - mitä saatiinkaan aikaiseksi Stadin Ammattiopiston autoalan opiskelijoiden kanssa?

Lähtökohdat kurssille olivat aivan mahtavat, sillä Stadin Ammattiopistosta löytyvät niin tilat kuin työvälineet haastavienkin projektien toteuttamiseen. Koululla on myös autoja! Tämän lisäksi opiskelijoiden kädentaidot ovat priimaa. 

Kurssin ainoa reunaehto oli aika - kuinka käydä läpi Arduinon ja ohjelmoinnin perusteet sekä tehdä eeppinen hakkerointi oikealle autolle parinkymmenen opetustunnin aikana?

Mukana opiskelemassa oli kaksi Stadin AO:n opettajaa: Petri Hanski opettaa autoalan ammattiopintoja ja Reetta Montonen toimii fysiikan, matematiikan ja kemian opettajana. Petri ja Reetta saivat opinnoista runsain mitoin uusia ideoita sekä valmiuksia vetää vastaavia sisältöjä jatkossa. Myös opiskelijoiden palaute kannusti: moni koki oppineensa ja innostuneensa ohjelmoitavan elektroniikan mahdollisuuksista, ja opetusta aiheesta toivottiin lisää.

Hommat aloitettiin miniprojektilla: Arduinoon, ohjelmointiympäristöön, antureihin ja kytkentöjen tekemiseen päästiin kätevästi käsiksi hakkeroimalla pehmoleluja. Aku Ankka, suursmurffi, haisunäädät ja muut metsän huono-onniset vipeltäjät saivat ryhtiliikettä servomoottoreista.

Opintojakson aikana toteutettiin myös reaktionopeuspeli, tutkittiin antureiden ja kytkimien toimintaa sekä tehtiin liikkuva pienoisrobotti. Kaikkia upeita ideoita ei ole näppärää kokeilla heti oikealla autolla, joten pienoisrobotteja voi käyttää auton anturiteknologian mallintamiseen. Piezo-kaiuttimen ja etäisyysanturin avulla voi tehdä peruutustutkan, ja esteitä väistelevien ja merkittyä reittiä seuraavien robottien avulla päästään pohtimaan robottiautojen toimintaa.

Loppuprojektimme oli ihka-aidon Morris Minin häkkääminen. Auton releisiin päästiin käsiksi Mehackitin Maker Kitin omilla komponenteilla - lisäksi tarvittiin vain ulkoinen 12V jännitelähde, josta saatiin riittävästi potkua releiden kytkemiseen päälle ja pois. Kytkimenä toimivat transistorit. Nuoret ohjelmoivat mm. ääneen reagoivat ajovalot, varoitusvalojärjestelmän liian lähellä ajavien varalta sekä testiohjelman, jolla sai vuoronperään sytytettyä kaikki valot. Loppukevennyksenä kokeiltiin ohjelmaa, joka vilkutti valoja Daruden Sandstormin tahtiin - äänianturi on aika kätevä tähän tarkoitukseen!

Stadin AO:lla palataan Arduinon pariin syyslukukaudella - kenties jo tuolloin päästään kehittelemään automaattisesti kuljettajan pituuden mukaan asettuvia sivupeilejä tai säätelemään välijäähdyttimen vesiruiskutusta sisääntuloilman lämpötilan mukaan! 

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Annin tarina: Mehackit-kurssin jälkeen teknilliseen korkeakouluun

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Anni Schalin, 20, tutustui luoviin teknologioihin ensimmäistä kertaa 18-vuotiaana Mehackitin kurssilla Helsingin Suomalaisessa Yhteiskoulussa. Kyseisellä kurssilla Anni myös rakensi ensimmäiset robotiikkaan liittyvät projektinsa. Nyt, kaksi vuotta myöhemmin Anni opiskelee Aalto-yliopistossa ja - tattadaa - ohjaa Mehackitin lukiokurssia espoolaisessa lukiossa!

Päädyimme juttelemaan Annin kanssa teknologian mahdollisuuksista, oman reitin löytämisestä ja tulevaisuuden haaveista. 

Moi Anni! Vedit keväällä Mehackitin luovan teknologian kurssia Etelä-Tapiolan lukiossa Espoossa. Miltä kurssin ohjaaminen tuntui?

Ohjaaminen tuntui mielekkäältä, mutta haastavalta; osa kurssin opiskelijoista pääsi todella pitkälle robotiikan ja ohjelmoinnin kanssa ja kysymykset minulle ohjaajana olivat sen mukaisia...  Toisaalta aika kului tuntien aikana kuin siivillä ja hauskaa oli!

Oikeastaan tutustuit Mehackitiin ensimmäisen kerran jo talvella 2015 omassa lukiossasi, kun Mehackit järjesti luovan teknologian pilottikurssin SYK:issä. Olitko ennen tuota kurssia rakentanut mitään teknologiaan liittyvää?

Olin koodannut ihan vähän erään kesätyön yhteydessä, mutta Arduino ja muut kurssilla käytetyt alustat olivat minulle uusia.

Mikä robottien rakentelussa tuntui silloin erityisen hauskalta?

Pidin siitä, kuinka konkreettinen robotti on. Usein koodatessa, varsinkin alkuvaihessa on hankalaa saada todella näkyviä tuloksia nopeasti aikaan (tai saa, jos käyttää oikeita työkaluja, mutta silloin en käyttänyt). Robottien kanssa oman käden jäljen näkee nopeasti. 

Hait lukion jälkeen Aalto-yliopistoon opiskelemaan. Mitä opiskelet tällä hetkellä?

Opiskelen informaatioverkostoja Aallon perustieteiden korkeakoulussa. Pääaineeni yhdistää tietotekniikkaa, taloutta ja ihmistä, ja meiltä valmistutaan hyvinkin erilaisiin työtehtäviin.

Tuntuiko opiskelupaikan valinta heti selvältä?

Kyllä ja ei. Olen kiinnostunut hyvin laajasti erilaisia asioista, ja olen yläasteen ja lukion aikana halunnut aina lääkäristä lastentarhanopettajaan asti, ja vasta lukion tokalla tekniset alat rupesivat kiinnostamaan. Sen jälkeen informaatioverkostot tuntui aika nopeasti hyvältä vaihtoehdolta, mutta ei vieläkään varmalta - myös teknisemmät alat kuten tietotekniikka ja automaatio- ja systeemitekniikka kiinnostavat.

Oikeastaan minulle ei ole vieläkään selvää, mihin lopulta päädyn, ja olenkin harkinnut esimerkiksi kasvatustieteitä tekniikan lisäksi.

Miksi nuorten kannattaa sinun mielestäsi tutustua teknologiaan rakentamisen ja ilmaisun välineenä?

Oikeastaan teknologia on itseilmaisun väline, siinä missä musiikki tai kuvataidekin. Tällaisista välineistä on suurta hyötyä niin hauskanpidon kuin ihan elämänkin kannalta. Ikinä ei voi tietää, mikä opittu taito lopulta palkitsee, mutta kannattaa olla utelias. 

Mikä erilaisissa teknologioissa kiehtoo sinua tällä hetkellä kaikista eniten?

Tällä hetkellä olen hyvin kiinnostunut siitä, miten teknologiaa voisi hyödyntää opetuksessa tai muussa kasvatustyössä, ja millä keinoilla muun muassa koodausta kannattaa opettaa eri-ikäisille ihmisille. 

Kiitos Anni! <3 Mahtavaa, että päädyit Mehackitin lukiokurssilta vielä meille töihin. Tsemppiä maailman muuttamiseen!

Lukiolainen, haluaisitko Mehackit-kurssin myös omaan lukioosi? Vinkkaa koulunne opinto-ohjaajaa lähettämään s-postia osoitteeseen hello@mehackit.org tai ole vaikka itse yhteydessä! Mehackit lukiokursseja on ollut valittavana jo yli 60:ssä lukiossa ympäri Suomen. 

05.10.2017 — by Reetta Heiskanen

Hur kan man lära ut programmering på gymnasienivä?

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Nyfiken på hur du kan komma igång med att lära ut programmering på gymnasienivå? Så här gjorde vi på Viktor Rydberg Gymnasium (VRG) i Stockholm. 

Det var första gången en kurs i programmering hölls på VRG och det blev möjligt genom ett samarbete mellan Mehackit och skolorna. Här berättar vår instruktör Hanna Thenór Årström mer om sina erfarenheter från VRG.

“Mehackit har hållit programmeringskurser på över 60 gymnasieskolor i Finland, men det här var första gången i Sverige, och det var jag som fått jobbet att instruera eleverna. 20 elever från Naturvetenskapliga, Estetiska och Ekonomiprogrammen på Viktor Rydberg Gymnasium Odenplan och Jarlaplan hade valt Programmering 1 som tillvalskurs under läsåret 2016-17.

Inför första lektionen var jag faktiskt riktigt nervös - 20 elever som förväntade sig något nytt och spännande, skulle jag kunna leverera?

Hösten ägnades åt visuell programmering med Processing, ett animeringsverktyg för konstnärer och designers. Elever som aldrig förr skrivit en rad kod utvecklades till att kunna koda spel och interaktiva program. Andra elever med tidigare erfarenhet fick djupare kunskap och förståelse för programmeringsspråkets uppbyggnad och möjligheter.

Det var spännande att ha en grupp med blandade erfarenheter, och i slutet av terminen presenterade de sina animeringar för varandra.

På våren bytte vi fokus och började med hårdvaruprogrammering och robotik med Arduino, något eleverna sett fram emot mycket. Med hjälp av Mehackits läroplattform lärde sig eleverna att koppla sensorer och motorer till minidatorn Arduino och koda den från sina datorer, för att styra olika robotar.

Elevernas växande intresse har varit drivkraften för mig att fortsätta hitta sätt att inspirera dom till vad som är möjligt i framtiden. Det har varit speciellt intressant att se elever som inte går ett teknikprogram inse vilka möjligheter som finns i programmering och teknik.

Många elever uttryckte, att oavsett vad de jobbade med i framtiden, skulle den fördjupade förståelsen för dessa saker komma till hjälp. Den 17 maj presenterar eleverna sina slutprojekt i Arduino och vi kommer få se allt från ritande robotarmar till fordon som undviker hinder eller plockar upp föremål från golvet.

Det har varit helt fantastiskt att se eleverna utvecklas så mycket på bara ett år. Jag hoppas att fler skolor kommer ta tillvara på den möjligheten i framtiden.”

Vill du höra mera om Mehackit verksamhet i skolorna? Skicka oss e-mail contact@mehackit.org och läs mera www.mehackit.org/schools 

04.28.2017 — by Reetta Heiskanen

Sweden, we are looking for a programming instructor!

In Categories: Educator In English

Are you interested in educating the youth with technology skills? Would you like to be part of the Mehackit family?

Mehackit organizes programming and robotics courses in high schools in the Nordics. Our courses have given young students in over 50 towns and cities in the Nordics and UK the chance to experience coding through art, music and hardware. Our enthusiastic instructors, the beginner-friendly content and the online platform help build (technological) self-confidence.

We are now looking for a new programming instructor to guide our course and possible teacher trainings in Swedish high schools, especially in Stockholm and Gothenburg area. 

Mehackit trains its instructors for the Mehackit material and content of the course. After the training, the instructor (you?) will hold the course in a high school that has been scheduled in advance. Our vision is to equip the next generation with creative technology skills in a democratic way and wider reach than ever before in history.

What do we expect from Mehackit instructors?

  • Skills and interest in programming (basic knowledge in programming, university course completed/MOOC)
  • Interest in pedagogy and working with 15-18 year olds 
  • A creative mindset when it comes to technology
  • Fluent skills in Swedish and good English skills 
  • The ability to describe central concepts of programming in a fun way

If you're interested, apply by emailing a free application to jobs@mehackit.org. We can't wait to hear from you!

What: Half-time Mehackit instructor, Stockholm area, paid
When: Autumn term 2017
How to apply?: Send us an application now and become part of the stellar Mehackit-team <3

"It has been so great to see the students evolve both in programming and creativity. I have learned a lot about pedagogy and the value of creativity on technology education." -Hanna Årström, Mehackit Instructor

"The Mehackit course has been fantastic and a great experience for our students at Viktor Rydberg Gymnasium. They gained some insight to their own understanding about the digital world and programming. They were even able to apply their own interests to the technology projects they built." - John Di Maria, Assistant Principal, Viktor Rydberg Gymnasium