12.30.2014 — by Charlotta

Hello 2015 - New Year’s Resolutions

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2014 was a fun one. We did events, made new friends, chirped on the interwebs and had fun. Thanks for being a part of it!

After spending the beginning of the year devising future plans, the past two months, we’ve been working with a group of high school students in Helsingin Suomalainen Yhteiskoulu testing and developing ideas for fun and approachable technology education concepts.

Projects the students are developing at the moment range from a platformer game to an epic multiple choice saga “Aliens Stole My Sister”, a random number generator and wintery multimedia stories. Starting next week, the students will polish up their projects and be paired with 9-year-olds for workshopping fun. Can’t wait!

New Year, new beginnings.. we take new year’s resolutions seriously - here’s what we are promising to do, what about you?!!

1) Advance step by step

Practice makes perfect. Done is better than perfect. And taking small but steady steps will accomplish those catch phrases. Starting with a promise to do 100 lines of code each month, gradual progress and continuous deployment are the watchwords of 2015!

2) Try new things

Unlocking new tech levels is not the only end game. In 2015 we vow to take up a new hobby project or two - not all needs to be professional, educational or goal-driven. Sometimes intricate Minecraft castles or DYI Twitter doorbells can be made just for fun.

3) Share the fun

In 2015, we’ll send regular updates, inspiration and ideas to you guys, students, educators and parents alike! Sign up to the newsletter.

Whoah, that’s the to-do list for the new year, to be held accountable. Have a sparkling 2015 everyone!

12.22.2014 — by Charlotta

’Tis the season to be techy - here are some of our fave holiday season play ideas!

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Holidays are here and how better to relax than by taking up some projects... Here are a few ideas to get you started. Peace and love from our homes to yours!!! 
  1. Snowflakes with Frozen heroines using the visual programming language Blockly 
  2. Christmas projects on Scratch! Customize your own holiday cards on Scratch. Browse through community submittals for inspiration
  3. Shine bright on NYEMake LED decorations to your favourite shoes and be the belle of the ball! 
  4. Some old-fashioned crafting: Make a gingerbread house using these instructions 

11.18.2014 — by Charlotta

Hello high school & welcome on board, Samsung!

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Yey, it’s been an exciting week for mehackit! Today at Slush, the biggest tech startup event of Northern Europe, mehackit’s Henrietta gave a talk on the main stage announcing some of our upcoming plans.

We’ve partnered with Samsung and are embarking on a multi-year collaboration with them, and are currently piloting a new mehackit course structure with a local Helsinki high school!

The mehackit school course format gives a fun, hands-on introduction to creative technologies for both high school and elementary school students. During the course, high schoolers first learn about subjects like programming, electronics and media, and are then challenged to build a 40-min workshop for younger students in elementary school.

The course curriculum will be made open source during spring 2015 when educational institutes can adapt the course to their own settings with support from the mehackit team and community.

We’re super excited to be embarking on this new challenge and are looking forward to hearing from you as we design the new model for mehackit.

If you are an educator and would like to talk about the mehackit school course, drop us a line!

11.14.2014 — by Henrietta

New website

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And welcome to our shiny new website, made by the nice people at Agency Leroy.

We are tingling with excitement, as SLUSH, the largest technology & entrepreneurship conference in Northern Europe with 12,000 attendees is around the corner - and we will be announcing something exciting there. Our Henrietta’s on the main stage on Wed 19th at noon!

As you might have noticed, we are no longer only concentrated on the younger ones. We’ve grown up a bit, and now we’ve also included young adults in the picture! 

It’s been a while since we’ve been making noise, and in that time we’ve been developing a curriculum (yes that’s a lot of work, even if using open-sourced technology tools) and building our team.