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Mehackit courses

Mehackit offers high school courses where young adults get to know programming through art, music and hardware!

Our enthusiastic instructors, the beginner-friendly content and the online learning platform help to build technological self-confidence and empower new makers. 

21.10.2016 The first @microbitruntime workshop about to begin in Finland @DesignmuseoFI #bbcmicrobit #creativetech #mehackit https://t.co/7tcYzfyybU
19.10.2016 @microbitruntime tulossa Suomeen! Järjestetään @DesignmuseoFI eka työpaja aiheeseen liittyen https://t.co/HLBcFIYw4S #microbit #teknologia
16.10.2016 RT @LinkoHackathon: @mehackit'in Heini on mukana Linkossa sparraamassa tiimejä! #linko2016

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Course includes: web materials, human instructor, teacher's guide and all you need for your 38h creative technology course. 

Robotics: 2000 eur (+ hardware )
Art & Code 1500 eur

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Norwich City 1.2.2016 (UK)

Suomiareena, Pori 11.7.2016

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