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Mehackit real human - instructed courses

Mehackit high school courses have given young students in over 50 towns and cities in the Nordics and UK the chance to experience coding through art, music and hardware!

Our enthusiastic instructors, the beginner-friendly content and the online platform help build (technological) self-confidence.

We have have three ways to impact: teacher training, high school courses (7 weeks/38hrs) and upper secondary courses (4-6h). 

28.02.2017 RT @akiluos: In Finland, kids learn computer science without computers @lindaliukas @hellorubyworld https://t.co/TeZtCyJzQV
27.02.2017 RT @oajry: Tätä on toivottu: #biohakkeri @tar1na:n KOKO #educa2017-puhe videona. Vinkit mm. oppimisen tehostamiseen: https://t.co/VKvtJV1U6
27.02.2017 RT @HeiniKarppinen: Kaisu Toivonen: #KYKY - A new co-creation model for #Espoo city and partner organisations! https://t.co/tutXvs7FEf

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Course includes: web materials, human instructor, teacher's guide and all you need for your 38h creative technology course. 

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We're looking for some new talent!

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Are you interested in education, technology and creativity? Would you like to be part of the Mehackit family? Mehackit is looking for new course instructors in Finland and the Nordics. Check out our open jobs!


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